Hello, SPRING!! We're excited to finally see green grass again! This is the time for new dogs to visit us and get comfortable with our place before our busy summer season.dogs_sm Drop by and check us out or give us a call. We have comfortable and unique accommodations for all types of pup personalities.   



Bordetella( Kennel Cough) Vaccination Reminder

Although vaccination may not entirely stop symptoms, it can greatly reduce the length and severity of the cough. It is an airborne illness and therefore travels quickly thru enclosed environments. It affects most dogs like a cold affects humans and is mainly a nuisance. With that said, pet owners still should educate themselves about kennel cough. If your dog develops a cough after boarding, please let us know so we can inform our incoming customers. One good informational resource is www.petmd.com. As always, you can contact us or your veterinarian with questions or concerns. Our goal is to keep all our pets happy and healthy!



12 minutes from Marion

15 minutes from Mt. Vernon

35 minutes from Iowa City


To be consistent with area boarding facilities, beginning May 1st, 2019, we will calculate our charges as all other kennels routinely do. Please see our rates on our Boarding Information page and our expanded weekend hours on the Contact Us page. Thank you kindly for your patronage and understanding!


We accept in-tact male and female dogs.  Waiting up to 2 years before spaying/neutering may reduce the risk of joint disease and cancers, especially in large and giant breed dogs. Delaying spaying/ neutering may also have additional health benefits. We feel it's worth some extra effort on our part to happily accept and responsibly board in-tact dogs.

dog1_smThe Pet Place is a small and personalized home away from home for your family pet. The business was established in 1990. We had the existing facility and our home built on this property in the fall of 1997. During the winter of 2003-2004, we added a new reception area, a cat room, and four Private Suites. Each 120 sq. ft. suite is a room separate from the kennel area. The rooms are quiet and have ceramic tile, cable TV, and stereo. Some suites have saloon style dog doors leading to private grass yards. The entire building is heated and central- air conditioned.

We've also added 2 Deluxe Cabins, each surrounded by 1/4 acre yard with a wooded background for free-roam romping and playing! The Cabins accommodate 1-4 dogs in the same family. We've had people ask if they could stay in our Cabins! 🙂 They are unique, fun and relaxing modern country cabins with amenities galore. Come check them out!


Michelle's favorite quote : "A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth" -author unknown




Tanya's motto: Do good things and good things will happen.


20170413_104535To replicate the home environment as much as possible, we let the dogs out into four grass yards surrounding the building to exercise, potty, and play. The amount of time they spend outdoors depends on the daily temperature and conditions. In between the regular exercise times, weather permitting, the dogs spend time playing with others outdoors when an appropriate playmate is available. We also have plenty of indoor space to run and play, including adjoining suites.

dog3_smMany dogs enjoy having a companion to play with during their stay and come to see boarding at The Pet Place as an enjoyable experience. We encourage our clients to bring toys, treats, and clean bedding. Please do not include items of great monetary or sentimental value. If your dog is not a "social butterfly" we respectfully allow them yard space of their own.


References and tours available upon request.

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