Effective February 1, 2016 some of our rates will be changing. The new rates continue to be comparable to the lowest in the Cedar Rapids/ Iowa City areas.
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TIP: Try putting a dollop of plain yogurt on your dog's food for 5 days prior to boarding. Bring some along and we'll continue feeding it during your dog's stay. It works naturally to guard against stomach upset.
Jenny Behrends, DBA "The Paw Spa", is now grooming at our location. Jenny's direct # is 319-480-6167. Check out her website at


dog1_smThe Pet Place was established in 1990.  We had the existing facility and home built on this property in the fall of 1997.  During the winter of 2003-2004 we added 1,000 sq. ft. to include a new reception area, a cat room, and four private suites.  Each 10 ft. by 12 ft. suite has cable TV and stereo.  The entire building is heated and central- air conditioned.

receptionarea_sm dog3_smTo replicate the home environment as much as possible, we let the dogs out into four grass yards surrounding the building to exercise, potty, and play.  The amount of time they spend outdoors depends on the daily temperature and conditions.  In between the regular exercise times, weather permitting, the dogs spend time playing with others outdoors when an appropriate playmate is available.  We also have plenty of indoor space to run and play, including adjoining suites.

dog4_smMany dogs enjoy having a companion to play with during their stay and come to see boarding at The Pet Place as an enjoyable experience.  We encourage our clients to bring toys, treats, and clean bedding.  Please do not include items of great monetary or sentimental value.  If your dog is not a “social butterfly” we respectfully allow them yard space of their own.